Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lynze's Quilt

I am a member of the Trinity Quilters at my church. We make quilts for graduating Seniors in high school to remind them of their church family when they go off into the next part of their life. I had the great joy to make a quilt for Lynze. She is the daughter of my good friend Anne.

Lynze likes to draw, so her Mom scanned many of her drawings and emailed them to me. I then printed them onto fabric to use in the quilt.

She also has favorite sayings, songs, poems and bible verses. I combined some with images and others just printed the text.

To finish the project, I hand quilted it with a "big stitch".
Lynze really loves the quilt, which makes me extremely happy!


  1. Wow! Meredith! This is so cool! What a ministry!

  2. Thankyou SO much, everyone i show this to is amazed at your incredible talent! You really brightened my day.

  3. What a fantastic project, Meri! Love the combination of art and text!