Monday, August 23, 2010

Taste of Summer

There is nothing that fully expresses the flavor of summer than home-grown tomatoes! As you all know, their flavor explodes in your mouth! My mother-in-law brought me some gorgeous tomatoes that we savored! BLTs, homemade sauce and caprese salad graced our table.

So in tribute to summer and great tomatoes, here is caprese salad!
So simple, yet so yummy!

1 or 2 tomatoes
1 package buffalo Mozzarella (it looks like a ball)
basil (sliced to to thin strips)
Balsamic vinegar
olive oil

You just slice the tomatoes and mozzarella and alternate them on your plate or platter. Sprinkle on the basil and then drizzle the balsamic vinegar and olive oil over it all. Salt and pepper to taste!
We love to have this with something grilled. YUM!

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