Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby Quilts Part 1

I realized that most of my posts this year have been about kids' clothes or bags that I have made. I guess that is what I have been sewing as well. But I got my start in the sewing world as a quilter. So I am going to share some of the MANY baby quilts I have made over the years. Baby quilts are such a wonderful way to get started quilting. They are easy to FINISH, and I don't get as bored with the design by the time I am done.

This "bubbles" quilt I made for a dear friend of mine. This was for her 2nd daughter. I saw this idea online and just figured it out on my own.

This quilt I made for a friend's 1st child. It was really fun to make a quirky, colorful quilt that fits her style. We were able to take the quilt and meet her precious little boy! I think he likes the quilt as well. The pattern was in Quilt Sampler Magazine.

This last quilt was made for my niece. We had this precious Beatrix Potter fabric the depicted Peter Rabbit and all the other characters in such sweet pastels that I couldn't resist. I believe that I put minke on the back of this quilt, which made it extra special to cuddle with!


  1. LOVE, love, loVe your beautiful quilts, my talented (and inspiring!) friend! You have an incredible gift!