Monday, March 15, 2010

Easter Dress

As I was shopping for Miss E's Easter dress, I was disappointed with the selection. I am not one to buy a foofy Easter dress that is impractical and rarely worn again. Of course the thought popped into my head..."hmmmm.. I guess I could make her dress." Which lead me straight to JoAnn fabrics to see if I could find a pattern that, A) I thought would look cute on her and B) that I could complete without pulling my hair out.

This is the pattern I found.

During this project, I relearned many things about following a pattern that I had forgotten.

1) Read the pattern CAREFULLY!! Closely examine how you should lay the fabrics and pattern pieces on the fabric BEFORE cutting. I didn't do this... but thankfully remembered before I got too far down the road. If you don't lay out fabrics correctly and pattern pieces right side down or right side up, you will be short of fabric OR your pieces will NOT FIT!!

2) Making clothing is an exercise in PATIENCE!! Read directions very carefully and be willing to laugh at yourself while tearing out seams! I kept trying to rush through it and at one point sewing the lining instead of the bodice etc. etc. I ended up with the zipper in backwards. HA HA!! At least I can laugh about it now.

3) When a pattern says to use a 5/8" seam, DO IT!! Or else your garment will not fit correctly. Sewing seams when making clothing is so much different than making quilts. With some practice I am getting the hang of it. I also use the serger stitch on my sewing machine quite a bit.

Making the Dress:

I sewed the bodice first. I have done this before, so it wasn't too bad.

As it was time to make the skirt of the dress,I learned a new term, stay.. This is what you sew tiers to... a stay. I was confused at first, but it made sense after I read the directions more carefully.

This dress has 3 tiers and really is a cute pattern. You can see the stay underneath the tiers.

And finally after battling with the zipper way more than necessary!! (God really thought I needed to work on my patience with this project.) The dress is finished.

Miss E really loves it and is excited to wear it for Easter and more.


  1. Meridith- this is very cute and I am loving your blog- keep it up! I think I will learn something even if I am not ready to apply it yet!


  2. Meri - that is a very cute dress. I love that style, I found one at JCP that is very similar in style for Callie.


  3. Ahem. You, my friend, rock! That dress is adorable and far cuter than any of the 15 that Laney tried on. Can't wait to see it on your model! :)

  4. Meridith,
    Loved the dress! Emma will look so pretty Easter morning.
    I see you got a little seam ripping experience. Maybe that's why I have mastered seam ripping, all those years of garment sewing. Now I'm ripping out seams in quilts.
    Some things never change. Is this where I recommend my favorite seam ripper of all time? Clover has an ergonomic one with a white handle, almost makes seam ripping a joy. Keep blogging, I love it!