Sunday, March 21, 2010

Twirly Skirt

I bought a pattern last fall for a patchwork twirly skirt. It is really a cute pattern by Pink Fig. I collected some cute fabrics from JoAnn fabrics and the great quilt shop downtown here in Hudson called St. Croix County Dry Goods. They have really FUN fabrics.

After making Miss E's Easter dress I decided I was ready to tackle this skirt.
Actually, it is pretty simple. It just takes more time because you have to "finish" all the seams with a serger-like or zigzag stitch, which takes a bit longer.

In this photo, I have the top waist piece and the 1st row of patchwork.
This project does require gathers. My Mom and Mother-in-Law have helped me with gathering projects before and have given me great tips. The manual for my sewing machine also has information on gathering.

This skirt does not contain any type of "pattern" pieces. Is is written more like a quilt pattern, telling you the size of pieces to cut and not making you use a pattern or a template.

I must say as I read the pattern I was thinking.... "Golly this little skirt has ALOT of fabric in it!" The bottom striped piece is 3, 39" x 6" strips sewn together. But it makes for quite a twirly skirt and Miss E LOVES it. I'm sure I'll be making many more. She enjoyed choosing and laying out the blocks in an order that she liked.


  1. So cute!!
    I was just looking at one of Laney's old dress-up gigs that I picked up at a garage sale ages ago -- it's a tulle twirly skirt/ballet thingy...and it's getting too small. I contemplated attempting to make a new one and then it occured to me to ask YOU about twirly skirts. ;) How timely!

  2. Make a tulle twirly skirt wouldn't be too hard to do. If you search online.. you might be able to find a easy pattern for it for free. Usually tulle is pretty cheap too. Do you get coupons in the mail? Is there a JoAnn fabric in Des Moines?
    This looks like an easy one.