Monday, April 26, 2010

Twirly Skirt Part 2

As I was preparing to head to Iowa for a fun weekend with friends, I was reminded that sweet little "D's" birthday was the Monday after our visit. Well... what this curly Sue needed for her 4th bday was a twirly skirt. Miss D is a very girly girl! Loves shoes and all things twirly and princess-like!! Thank goodness I had plenty of extra fabric on hand for a skirt that would be similar to Miss E's. That way they could be cute matchy twirly girls together on ISU campus for VEISHEA!!
Her skirt was a little simplified. I used long strips instead of the patchwork squares! A piece of cake!!

Miss D enjoys her skirt! She was playing in the dirt with her skirt all around her. I couldn't help taking a few shots!


  1. Thank you for making it for her! You're spot on, she's all about twirly & girly right now! :)

    I think she loved it even more because she got to be like E for a day! :)

  2. Adorable!!! I love the fabric choices!