Thursday, March 24, 2011

UFOs and not the flying type!

UFOs in the quilting world are Un-Finished Objects. In my sewing room, PLENTY of them reside. Samples made and never finished and left over fabric scraps just waiting for inspiration to strike. Soooooo I have been working on these "piles" around my sewing room and it is keeping me plenty busy! I even went to a quilt shop with a gift certificate in hand and DID NOT buy a piece of fabric. My piles at home are just calling to me to be creative with what I have and make something fun.

My Mom also gives me her great leftovers. It is like buying NEW fabric when I get something from her stash. Pictured above is a combo using blocks she had left over from a mystery quilt that she did. I made the diagonal striped blocks that are on a foundation square. VERY easy sewing. But it will be a cute quilt when done. DONE.... that is a word that fails me lately UNLESS it is a bag I am making as a gift OR something with a deadline.

But thinking about my life, I am a UFO.... an unfinished object. We all grow and change while we are kids, but once that "physcial" growing stops, then comes much growth in other areas. This spring I would like to grow in a few ways. Grow in my physical health. Grow in my ability to have patience with my kiddos. Grow in my ability to prioritize the important stuff day to day. I have a knack for the ability to ignore the piling laundry and go sew. Not always the best choice. Striking a better balance is what I would like.

So if you have any UFOs around your sewing room OR things in the corners of your life that you would like to change... Let me challenge you to do so! It's SPRING!! Great things are possible!

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